Getting Started:

"How To" Resources

Step 1: Create or Identify your Outdoor Classroom Space

"Base Camp" Method

The Base Camp method involves creating an outdoor classroom where outdoor learning starts and ends. Start simple and expand it with your students as you discover what you need for the space.


  • Select an area outdoors that is away from high distraction areas (ie playgrounds, PhyEd class, music class) that your students can use daily.

  • If possible, choose a space that you don't have to worry about reserving or sharing with too many other classes

Seating Options:

  • Tree Stumps (reach out to local tree companies and request stump donations)

  • Camp chairs

  • Sit Upons (purchased or made)

    • Cut up yoga mats

    • Tree cookies (thin slices of a tree stump)

    • Plastic bags with padding

    • Additional examples for making sit upons:

Step 2: Make a Plan!

Resources specific to: Classroom Management Techniques and Outdoor Safety Guidelines - Things to think about prior to taking your students outside

PreK-5th grade schools, Home-based Child Care Providers, and Early Childhood Centers

Minnesota teachers share their “Top Ten” tips

Step 3: Teach Outside!

Take your curriculum outdoors & teach!

For resources specific to incorporating lessons and activities that connect with Nature, see: "Additional Resources"

Covid-19 Specific Resources