Curriculum Resources

Lessons and Activity Ideas for Teaching Outside

A Few Resources for Getting Started

Initially made for families, but can be used for inspiration for what you can do with your students outdoors. (PreK-5th Grade)

Fun, short, interactive Environmental Education activities that address standards. Great for morning meetings! (K-5th Grade)

Initially developed to support online learning in the Spring of 2020, these lessons can be taught at school OR thru distance learning

This calendar is meant to help childcare providers get children outside and engage in exploratory natural play every day of the year. The simple activities make it easy for childcare providers to use. Feel free to adjust activities to fit your children‟s needs and your children's interests!

(Early Childhood)

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine's Young Naturalists series is designed to engage elementary and middle school students with a wide variety of nonfiction topics on natural science and outdoor life. Each Young Naturalists teachers guide includes ready-made classroom activities.


An outdoor activities guide for educators


The document includes resources to help teachers incorporate more outdoor, nature-based themes including geology, watersheds, wildlife, cultural history, etc. relevant to the region

Resources for Supporting Distance Learning

Instructional videos that students can view at home to learn more about a variety of different topics and ways to explore Nature in their backyard.

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