Inspiring Stories

School District Administration

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Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools

"One of our Strategic Directions is to integrate an E-STEM focus across the district and outdoor learning plays a large role in achieving that goal. By learning outside, we are helping our students by creating real-life situations where they can build their knowledge and approach problem solving by studying multiple perspectives. Our goal is to foster environmentally literate students who are aware of our world, are critical thinkers in all aspects of life and have a love for the environment."

Dr. Teri Staloch, Superintendent, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools

Bemidji Area Schools

“Utilizing and providing outdoor learning experiences in Bemidji Area Schools is a very beneficial opportunity for students of all ages. One of the great advantages of outdoor learning experiences is that such opportunities can be replicated and achieved by any teacher.”

Tim Lutz, Superintendent, Bemidji Area Schools

Mahtomedi Public Schools

“Spending time outdoors has significant, well documented health benefits for children and adults. Spending time in nature can ignite curiosity in any academic subject and improve observation skills about how the world works. The benefits are powerful and real.”

Julie McGraw, Mahtomedi School Board member

Spring Grove Public Schools

"Spring Grove Public Schools values outdoor education for our students and teachers. With our student-centered vision, we know the outdoors offers opportunities to spark curiosity, apply what a student has learned, create relevant learning experiences, and interact with the community and nature. Our children value learning and the impact they make on the world. "

Gina Meinertz, Assistant Superintendent